Trouble at Redlarch

by Sage Cooper

Redlarch is not a large town, but it has all the necessities. On the way to the town we tried to figure out our next move. We knew both the knights and the black earth cult were fighting over some noble woman. The knights were taking to Queen crazy, but we didn't know where she was. We debated looking for information at the monastery, but we weren't sure what we could find there. We decided to gather some news at Redlarch before deciding on a course of action. Jinney and I stopped in at the blacksmith to pick up some new armor, she tried to haggle, but the blacksmith's daughter was quite the negotiator. While we were doing that, Brahm went to get a haircut at the barbershop, Mandrake checked out the inn while Ardin watched over the horses.

Brahm picked up a strange tale in the barbershop/tavern/oddities store. It seems one of the local farmers has had four stone graves appear in the middle of one of his sheep pastures overnight a few days ago. He's doesn't know what happened, who did it, or anything and he is really worried about it. No one else in town gives it much regard. Brahm offered his and our services in investigating. The farmer's land is a day's ride out so he agreed to meet us in the morning. At the tavern, Mandrake was talking to the innkeeper. She was offering 50 gold for someone to investigate a 'dark presence' at Lance Rock, a large out of place stone about 5 miles from town. Since we were going to help the farmer in the morning, we decided to check out Lance Rock tonight. I debate about Dianne again for a moment, but this might turn out to be Blade work. She would have to wait until afterwords.

We mounted up and rode out to Lance Rock. The local story claims that a green dragon tore the rock from the Sword Mountains and dropped it on a rival red dragon to kill it. Once we arrived I called upon the power of the light to reveal darkness in the area, and there was an undead presence not far. A cave system, with a painted sign outside some sort of 'Beware the Lord of Lance Rock' message. It sounded like he was afflicted with some sort of disease, if he was some kind of undead that was trying to sequester himself away as to not hurt others, he may be able to be reasoned with. We might be able to come to some accord. That was not the case. The caves were filled with zombies and skeletons… some just… weird. I began to doubt my initial assessment of the 'Lord of Lance Rock'

Eventually we cornered him in a cavern that also held what he called 'the eye'. It was a cylindrical floating rock, glowing with a purple light and a slit that resembled a cat's eye. He had built some sort of pedestal/fence around it, as he was paranoid about it watching him. The guy was a crazy megalomaniac, building up his court. We gave him multiple chances to repent and turn himself in, but he would refused and so he was destroyed and sent to final judgement. His body was actually consumed in a black flame and a wail of lament. That usually isn't a good sign. Blade business accomplished. We looked through his belongings, and Jinney found his treasure stash, Brahm found his books on his 'craft'. We burned those. Mandrake found a glowing orb and Jinney picked up the guy's wand of magic missiles.

We tried to figure out what this eye thing was that he was so scared of, but didn't have much luck. The Lord of Lance Rock claimed it couldn't be moved. When I touched it, the eye slit vanished and it was just an ordinary floating rock. Brahm tried to move it with his hammer, nothing happened.


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