On the Road Again

by Sage Cooper

At dawn we assaulted Grimjaw's keep. It went better and worse than I'd expected. Our entry into the fort was uncontested. Jinney spotted one guard that may have seen us and put him to sleep. Brahm's water walking made entry through the docks a breeze, but I doubt it will work a second time. We decided to take the large ship first since that was where Jinney had heard the most conversation.

I may have tripped over a few items on the dock while climbing up and the guards on the boat were looking for the cause of the ruckus. Ardin charged and cut one down before he could move. Jinney, Brahm and I silenced the second. He yielded under my blade. Two, still below decks appeared and joined the fray. One was a halfling that Jinney had overheard the night before, the other was  a blue man with barnacles for hair. He was a magic user. Three bugbears started raining spears down on us from the cliff inside the fort. I ducked into the ship to engage the two below deck after shielding Ardin.

The blue man teleported past me and escaped, but we captured and questioned the Halfling. He was just in it for the money, but had a little information. A very little. The people at the fort had captured and robbed the Mirimbar members we had found as well as the one the air cultists captured. They had been taken out to the farmer's field to be traded to the earth cult. He figured that after the trade was made, the Feathergale struck and took their captive.

He also told us the barnacle'd man's name was Shalar Quanderil. The cultists also come and go through the keep's gated water cave. It is guarded by some type of undead things. He witnessed a boatload of pirates get dragged under by them for exploring.

We lost a lot of time, and had to leave. The alarm had sounded and I wasn't sure we'd be up for taking on the entire fort and the cultists. Next time. We got out under the cover of Jinney's fog illusion as Grimjaw and his men watched.

After that we headed back to Redlarch. I reported in to Constable Harburk and let him know our plans. We were heading to Belard to investigate before heading south into the moutains, following the delegation's trail.

The next morning we headed out, it was a peaceful ride and it gave me some time to think. I came to the decision to give Dianne a chance at the reigns again. It has been nearly a week now since we came here, and she hadn't seen it at all. If I keep her out of the loop any more, things will get ugly when it eventually happens. There shouldn't be anything to dangerous for the next day or two. The ride so far had been peaceful and no one should be actively hunting us yet. She may do better at gathering information in Belard than I would, and we are in desperate need of information at this point.


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