The Bridge

by Dianne Cooper

Why can't I just live a normal life like every other traveling bard in the world? I found myself sitting along the side of the road, everyone one is around and fine. I make my standard inquiries and nobody says much of anything. Lightbrew gives me some story about Countess being overthown and Sage ascending to the throne before he starts laughing. Finally I start getting pieces of the story as we ride.

The collector sent us somewhere south of Waterdeep where there are a bunch of elemental cults fighting for power. It sounds like our 'friend' is behind a lot of this trying to reclaim his lost power. The group has met with a group called the Feathergale knights who are assoicated with the air cultists, some river pirates associated with the water cultists, and have seen a dead earth cultist during a random investigation. I piece together most of what happened and make a few assumptions based on what I know about everybody, and get a general idea of what's going on. Brahm says I may as well wait for tonight for details.

About that time we arrive at Stonebridge, a massive two mile long piece of magnificent dwarven engineering that spans the river. It rises 400 feet over the water and connects the road from Redlarch to Belard on the other side. Unfortunately it's only about six paces across and has no railings. We rode single file, or we did until three people swooped down from the sky and landed in front of us and began to cast magic in our general direction.

We hopped off the horses and charged in. Well, D did anyway. He also nearly got pushed off the side of the bridge in the process. We subdued them and finished off two of the three. I had a thought on the third. Frosty and I charmed him and we got some good information out of him before we had to end his miserable existence.

We learned that Torsk the Lorne, apparently the wagon maker of Redlarch, is a spy for them and informed them where we would be. Also that they don't have many  more prisoners from the delegation. They usually meet up in the craig near the Feathergale tower. The earth cult monetary is just upriver a bit from Grimjaw's keep, and Renwick is their leader. He's a powerful fellow as well.

With that, we rode into Belard and it only occured to me later that we should have asked him what he knew about this group of adventurers that were trying to mess up their plans. Oh well, maybe next time.


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